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On this page, I demonstrate my passion for entrepreneurship and the way I have innovated to create life-changing learning tools for my community. During this chapter of my life, I have developed printed materials and well digital products used in the classroom.

I have during that time developed a rich network of entrepreneurs and maintain deep collaboration relationships.

01. The Challenge


Between 2005 and 2012, learning using robotics tools was something closer to the exception than the rule. Teachers were intrigued by it but most of them didn’t really know where to start. 

Everything was new. The tools, the programs, and the teaching flow was a world everybody needs to be introduced to.

In short,

how can I support teachers in their transformative journey of using robots in their classrooms.

02. The Solutions

So i funded my own Publishing House. I was offering 3 types of services:
  • Book Editing
  • Product Development
  • Training

Educational Robotics in a Classroom, Didac-tic Publishing, 2010, 350p.

This is my book titled La Robotique Pédagogique en Classe (Educational Robotics in a Classroom), a resource for middle school teachers.

I have published this resource as a reference on the topic, so teachers could learn at their own pace and get inspired by projects and lessons to start with. 

Educational Robotics in a Classroom, Didac-tic Publishing, Interactive CD, 2012.

This is my digital book titled The legend of Oui-doux Land, a resource for primary school teachers.

I have published this resource as a simple, locally relevant curriculum ready to be applied in the classroom. It was designed to be the simplest “plug and play” solution to used robotics in a classroom.

DC Motor Controler, NXT/EV3 compatible, Didac-tic Publishing, 2012.

Robotics Training Program, Didac-tic Publishing, 2012.

This is the logo i was using for my training programs.

The training was composed of 3 levels:

  • Introduction: 3 hours of pure fun, exploring how robotics can extend a learning experience
  • Intermediate: 2 days of basics and must now stuff, experimenting with the “go-to Monday morning” lessons
  • Professional Development: Continuous support for teachers who are in a transformative journey of their profession.

03. My contribution in this project

Everything needed to be conceptualized

AWell, at that time, everything needed to be done:

  • conceptualized the products and services   
  • developing a go-to market strategy
  • maintaining partners relations 
  • leading employees, freelancers to deliver quality work 
New Teaching Flow


At that time, there was already a need for teachers to understand how to use the tool in the classroom.

This is one of the early learning flows I have developed, tested, and implemented in many schools in Canada.


C I conceptualized, recorded, and presented this documentary to school districts over the province of Quebec to demonstrate the impact of pedagogical robotics on students and school culture.