LEGO Education SPIKE Prime
STEAM Learning, Secondary
Students 10-14 years old
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In this page, I demonstrate my contribution to a teenager age 10 to 14 years old Play Learning Experience. I have conceptualized more then 10 different Play Experiences for this Product (for both students and teachers), and produced content for it (Text, Images, Videos). I have work hand in hand with amazing model builders in order to create engaging and gender neutral models for students to play and learn with. In 2020, I have been conceptualizing and produced a Hybrid Learning Experience to address COVID-19 school challenges.

I have also been part of the Leadership Team for this project, where I have demonstrated Team Work, Problem Solving Skills, and a very high level of adaptability.

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01. The Challenge

Robotics products has been amazing transforming experiences for schools. LEGO and LEGO Education has been a leader in that space for over 20 years. In order to reach the next level, a smooth, playfull, engaging and relevant User Experience is need.

From packaging, to the first experiment with the product, every details count to make a seamless user journey for students, teachers, administrators, STEAM specialist, and sometimes parents. 

In short,

how do we create a Robotic STEAM Toolbox, so mainstream middle school teachers and students would use it in their classrooms.

02. The Solution

This is the LEGO Education SPIKE Prime set. 

It is a LEGO box that include a Hub that can be connected to a device via USB or Bluetooth. It also includes 3 motors, a distance sensor, a color sensor, and a force sensor. 

Student would use the bricks to build a LEGO model as their solution to a given problem and animate it using programming blocks, or using Python text program

Students are then presented with engaging Real Life problems, and use age appropriate building system and technology to motivate their journey.

03. My contribution in the Play Interactions

Various Lesson and Unit Flows

Science flow: Build, Program and interact with a line graph

A For this project, I have designed user flows of 2 levels. I have structure lessons in a Unit plan, and i have designed various lesson flows in induce learnings.
  • Unit Flow: a unit it a learning sequence under a theme. Typically, I have designed a unit to be composed of 6 lessons, starting with an opener (easy and simple, introducing students to the theme), 4 guided lessons (designed to build knowledge and skills) and 1 project (very open brief for maximum creativity and pleasure)
  • Lesson Flow: depending on the desired learning outcome, i have adapted the “regular” learning flow and create new play interactions.
40+ New STEAM Lessons for middle schools
B I have conceptualize, written, test and produced over 40 lessons, divided in 6 units. These lessons are teaching students:
  • what is the engineering design process
  • how to program using Scratch blocks
  • how to develop a computational skills
  • how to develop a 21st century skills (communication, team work, colaboration, etc.)
  • how capture scientific data and make sense of it
  • how to prepare themself to participate to a robotic competition

Full stack approach

CI have developed a strong “full stack” mindset, seeing problems and opportunities as a system. I have touched all the components for this project:
  • User onboarding
  • User easy start
  • User core experience
  • Hardware testing
  • Software testing
  • Test case creation and execution

This project in a glimpse

SPIKE Prime Models for STEAM Lessons

And they love it !