Robot Zone01

STEAM Learning, Communities Development
Students 6-16, Teachers,
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This is the longest project I have been working on. It has been 18 years that I contribute in many forms to this life-changing Play Experience. I have funded this organization from the table of my kitchen, and it has become one of the most impactful robotics experience in Canada.

I have been touching all these roles in the organisation:

  • CEO
  • President Board Member
  • Vice-President Board Member
  • Art Director
  • Graphical Designer
  • Experience Designer
  • Event Coordinator

01. The Challenge & Solution


As the popularity of Educational Robotics was growing in late 2000, teachers were asking for opportunities of collaborating on engaging projects with their students. There was a need for creating communities of robotic users fanatics!

In short,

how to bring teacher, students and parents together to share their interrest for robotics plateforms..

02. The Solution

So I funded Robot Zone01, a Not-for-Profit Organization with four mandates related to the advancement of educational robotics in Canada:

  • Promote technology in education to help retain students;
  • Support teachers in the integration of robotics by tailoring programs throughout the educational years;
  • Facilitate and encourage interaction between educational robotics enthusiasts;
  • Develop and support robotics competitions in Canada.

03. My contribution in this project

Conception of yearly challenges 


Each year, for the past 18 years, I have developed on average 5 challenges to offer to school (so that is about 100 play experiences). These challenges have always been:

  • Relevant for classroom and after-class use
  • Properly differentiated
  • Fun, engaging, and challenging

I have each year to develop a series of best practices that have become the organization’s “branding”. To reach that:

  1. I have established a structure for the year challenge, so they are easy to understand, engaging, and relevant.
  2. I have established different “concepts of play” to make sure there was a good variety of actions and learning. For example, I have creates labels for our year challenges:
    • Non guided driving robot challenge
    • Non guided non-driving robot
    • Guided challenge
  3. I have also grouped the best “robot game designers” around a table, so each year we have the best inputs and the best ideas. Kids are just in love with our challenges!
You need to see this !
Conception ressources for the members of the organisation
Rule book of the year
One of the yearly challenge mat


I have each year to develop a series of tools to help teachers and teams to implement our challenges in their environment:

  • Each year, I have created a rule book explaining the “do and don’t” for each challenge. These documents are currently downloaded more than 10 000 a year.
  • I have also created a set of challenge mats to give a common play surface for each team. I have conceptualized and refine the designs, and I have found materials and printed that are sustainable for school use.

Robot Zone01 is a story of passion

Years of activity


Challenges created




Zone01, it is a lot of smiles during amazing events!