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Bonifying the Play Paradigm of Mindstorms

The challenge

The LEGO Mindstorms experience is rich and (some would say) endless.

Build, program, play, iterate.

All the lessons are based on this paradigm, which is a risk to see the interest of the user decrease. 

In short,

how can we bonify the toolbox play scenario with new play experiences.

The solution

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy applied to Building with LEGO


Invent new with same parts


Change for better


Explaining a function


Playing with the model


Describe the function


Find Parts and Place all of them

I have applied Bloom’s taxonomy to the building concept of LEGO Education Wedo 2.0.

I have identified the skills kids have to go through and have implemented them in the learning solution.



Brigning New Components in Play


Augmented reality cards

If you read only this

I am creating a board game, involving cards, augmented reality and storyline.

Stay tuned.