I have a life mission

Make the world a better place, one child at a time.

I am a Interaction Designer, Product Developer and Creative Leader, and yes, I worked for LEGO Education 🙂

I come from Montréal, Canada, where I have executed various roles in the educational playing field. I have been teaching in middle school science classrooms, I have been a school administrator leading 350 students and 45 teachers from day 1 to 180 at school, and I have been a science consultant, leading over 90+ schools to implement successful science and robotics programs.

I am also an entrepreneur, as I have created a publishing house (Didac-tic Publishing), and a non for profit organization (Robot Zone01). With those two organizations, I have published books, created products, and trained over 2000 teachers to implement robotics programs in their classrooms.

I have then been contributing to the development of many LEGO Education solutions as a consultant before moving to Billund, Denmark with my family.

My experience in the field, working with teachers and students,  combined with the academic expertise developed during my Instructional Design Master Degree at the University of Montreal, has guided me to shape the learning experience of products such as LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3, LEGO Education WeDo 2.0, and LEGO Education SPIKE Prime.

I am passionate about providing authentic learning possibilities to both teachers and students, making the world a better place perhaps a child at a time. 

I enjoy an after-noon building marble track with my 6 years old son, 3D print tools with him, or creating treasure hunts for him. I enjoy discovering the world while traveling and I can’t live without ice hockey!

Me, in a glimpse

Product and Experience Designer

I have a 15 years track record of developing 25+ products, from smaller to bigger ones, using paper medium and digital medium, for start-ups and for companies like LEGO Education.

This allowed me to develop a strong design process mindset, transforming data into ideas/solutions and conducting tests to confirm the value of ideas.


Over the years, I have trained over 2000 teachers from different countries. I have lead and inspire teams to do great things!

This allowed me to expand my leadership skills to obtain the best from others through mentorship and difference recognition.


I have started both "for profit" and "for non-profit" companies.

This gave me the opportunity to deeply understand business trade-offs, to lead teams to a goal, and to see how ideas can fill a need.

Some of my technical skills

I am very technology fluent and I can adapt to a large spectrum of Software in a short period of time.
Adobe Creative Suite
3D Prototyping
Web Technology (CSS / JSON...)
Programming skills (Python, Scratch...)
Photo / Video Editing

Some of my soft skills

I believe human interactions first and in every minute invested in a team spirit, where a team is not people working together, but people trusting each other.

Committed to Team Work

Gift for Communication

Efficient Problem Solving

Mentorship and Leadership

Critical Thinking

Highly Adaptable

and on a personal note...

7.5 years at LEGO Education







21 years working with childrens