Leadership Reflexions

Recommending Books to Grow

2021 Readings

More to Get Inspired

Some of the most inspiring reading of the last years… and much more to come.

How the Brain Learns

If you design for kids, this is a must read.

Start with Why

Just find the reason why we should develop stuff.

The LEGO Technic Idea Book

Just a hardcore lesson of how to design a technical book.

The Curse of Oak Island

Man! That is just the best real life treasure hunt ... every!

Computational Thinking

Learn to think, learn to code, learn to analyze. Good for adults, and when you want to grow kids' skills.


I mean... that is just a classic. Still up to date 40 years later.

The Nature of Learning

Best book ever on teamwork. There are 12 ways to work in teams, did you knew?

Paul at Home

English translation of Paul à la maison, the last volume of a series of 7 books. This is my life in a nutshell.

If you read only this

This is a collection of books I absolutely enjoy reading.

In 2021, I have the 1 book a month challenge to succeed.

Stay tuned!